Vision: Where Are You Going?

Where are you going? How many times have we heard this question asked? Such a question could prompt simple answers such as: “To the restaurant, the movies, or simply, ‘outside’”. Yet this question could also address deeper fundamental areas of our lives-like our values and dreams. Problems arise when there is no impetus to answer that question  about our lives. Imagine asking someone who is standing by the corner street, “Where are you going?” and you simply getting an unsettled stare. I know that seems far-fetched, yet there are literally thousands upon thousands of people that cannot answer where they plan to “go” in life. 

We are so comfortable with the known, but it is the unknown that scares us and at times stops us from moving forward in life. I have heard of way too many stories of how people, and even organizations, die due to inactivity. They were either frozen in the face of adversity or in their leisurely pace of conformity. But will we take the steps to answer that question-no matter how uncomfortably the answer may come? When treading upon uncharted territory and embarking on adventurous missions, a word from God brings a certain assurance that everything will work out.  

In the Bible, we hear the story of Eli the prophet who had two sons who were pretty corrupt. But Eli would not restrain his two sons from doing atrocious things. Maybe he didn’t because he felt weak or old, but more than likely he just lacked courage. A great mass of people looked up to Eli for vision from the Lord, yet there was no direction given in those times. The Bible mentions in 1 Samuel 3:1 that “the word of the LORD was rare in those days; there was no frequent vision.”  Eli’s lack of courage to take a stand and make a change had stopped him from receiving visions from God. Perhaps you have lost focus in your life and now you find yourself being tossed wherever the current might take you. Allow me to say that you need a special message from God for direction. Yet you must stop, take a break, and hear from God to get a clear picture of where to “go”. You can always expect to move forward with a clear vision when you get a message from God-and it will be enjoyable, too!