Is God getting pushed out of our society?

Have you ever been concerned that God is no longer relevant in our society?

Maybe you have worried that no one even honors Him, respects Him, or thinks of Him. If we are not careful, we will think “poor God”, no one wants to be a Christian anymore! That picture is definitely wrong. Here is a more accurate picture of our God. 


  1. He can defend Himself - He does not need our help. Oftentimes, as well meaning Christians, we see Him as kind of a demanding, impatient, maybe even frustrated ‘Dad’ running around, trying to get people to help out in benevolent plans to bring peace and salvation to the earth.  We try to be God’s “little helpers” who try to help get Him out of the embarrassing situation that His love has gotten Him into and His limited abilities seem unable to get Him out of. We try to pump up His work because we don’t want Him to be humiliated if no one seems to want to play in His game.  But He needs no defenders.  He is the eternal Head –of-State of the Universe who does all things well.  God is not under attack.  It is not as though our culture is blowing God off and He and His angels are running around trying to defend His position so that He will not lose His place in the minds of men.  He does not need Christians to prop up His image.


  1. He is the All Mighty - El Shaddai. He is the All-Sufficient God who is also the Self-Sufficient God. No one can give to Him something He does not already have or take anything away from Him. He owns everything and rules over everything. The God of the Bible created everything we see.  He is not in trouble. He does not need a PR person on staff to “win the people over”. He is not running for office.  He is not a needy deity.
  3. He will return to this planet - Even Jesus Christ is pictured today as kind of an impotent guy who did not sin, sort of an irrelevant spiritual man who really needs our help. No, this man Christ Jesus will return some day and those who have rejected Him will “hide their faces from the wrath of the Lamb.”   He will return not to try to convince people to be nice and good.  He will return as the Judge.


So… Dear Christian, God has no poor self image issues. You do not need to defend Him. He knows all things. Instead of being timid, be openly proud (the good kind of proud) to be a Christian.