Why are relationships so hard?

Going to the circus was something I enjoyed as a child. Most of the circus people had super natural strengths and abilities. The clowns were dressed in colorful outfits, vibrant makeup, with outgrown noses that looked like abnormal cherries. Different animals paraded in front of our eyes with their distinct ferocious features. The theatrics were out of this world! 

Yet nothing impressed me more than the dexterity of the artists who would juggle multiple objects all at once. These jugglers had me at the edge of my seat, as they would thrust different objects into the air, catch them, and throw them up once more. The plan was to not allow any one of these objects to ever hit the floor. The tension mounted as the quantity of objects increased and everyone in the audience wondered when it would all come crumbling down to the floor. I always wondered how they were able to handle the synchronization of movements with such grace. 

For an average responsible adult, life is a lot like a juggling trick also. Sometimes it seems we are being bombarded with so many objects that we have to keep “in the air”. Family, work, friends, bills, our own goals-all these things are necessary to keep the wheel of life turning. But in the meantime, we have to keep our relationships with people in good standing, or all the things we want to do in life will get messed up. 

In 2 Samuel 8:15 the Bible says, “Thus David ruled over all of Israel. He ruled well—fair and evenhanded in all his duties and relationships.” 

King David not only had to lead people in all the affairs of life, but he also managed to have good relationships with those around him. He was fair and “evenhanded” in all his duties as well as his relationships. I want to believe that no matter how busy he was, the relationships he had with those around him showed his good temper and kindness. In other words, he treated people fairly and impartially, and hopefully that included his spouse and children! 

Just like King David, we too must improve our approach towards the relationships around us. Let’s work at being even tempered and fair with those around us. And just like a juggler practices plenty of hours to perform at a circus, we must spend thoughtful time in making good relationships in the midst of our busy lives. And don’t be discouraged when you do drop the ball. Just take time once more to practice the things you know are right. Let’s learn to juggle the responsibilities of life while we treat others with the worth that they deserve.