3 Keys to Make Your Relationships Work

God never planned for relationships to be confusing and complicated.  The God who created our psyche gave clear instructions as well as specific examples in scripture to guide us in building relationships that are good.

Try these following tips from the Bible.

1. Think Give

Be the giver. Be the first to give time, patience, compliments, help in time of need.  Don’t wait for the other person to do so. You start. God Himself is a giver. “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son….” John 3:16.  God gave to us first. He started the relationship, we did not.  Jesus gave his life. Paul gave his time and effort to all the church.  Abraham gave the best he had to his nephew Lot.  Winners give now and reap later—losers take now and lose later.

2. Stay Confident

Be confident in God yourself. Confidence draws people, not arrogance, but confidence. God is in charge and all is well. You can not really love people freely if your whole life is one big WORRY! Trust God for your life. Believe what He says about caring for you.

3. Forgive Quickly

Unforgiveness and bitterness will destroy. Bitterness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Forgiveness is not the same as trust. Forgiveness is something you do before God. Keep your heart clean, and you will see your relationships grow in a healthy manner.