Managing Your Life

Our lives can be so inundated with issues that we usually do one of two things.  

Either we stress out so much  that we go looking for something/anything to give us some sense of security, or we do like the song in the ‘Lion King’ and practice ‘Akuna Matata’- I just don’t care about anything!

But God does give us grace to take control of our circumstances. He calls it “reigning in life.” He wants us to have a sense that everything is really all right and is under control. Knowing what is important and getting those priorities in place.    I have noticed it is not the difficult things, or the tragic things that happen in life that make or break you. It is the way those things affect you.  

These two key elements, mercy and grace, are things He has made available for you.

Romans 5:17 (NASB) … much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life  through the One, Jesus Christ.

Do you see that?  It says by receiving grace and mercy from God, you can rule in this life.

They are there for the “taking.”  If you choose to take them, your experience in life will change.  You will live the life of being what the Bible calls the “head and not the tail…above and not beneath…the first and not the last.”