In our child rearing days, we wanted one of our kids to attend a Christian sports camp. We knew the camp would be an awesome experience for them. The problem was, it was very expensive. We had just planted ICC and our funds were low. So we decided to ask God for the funds. We decided to ask and believer that God would do something.

For months nothing happened. We waited and waited. Sometimes, it seemed silly to wait any longer.

Then we got a call from a family member and out of nowhere they asked me,”Do any of your kids want to go to a camp and need money?” After I picked myself up from the floor, I screamed “YES!!”

And just like that, all the money was provided and the Lord did a great thing in our child. You see, God blesses simple faith.  

Jesus modeled faith to his disciples,. He explained faith to them and through the scriptures to all of us. He taught faith. But one of the things I find most intriguing about our Lord is that He commanded us to have it. He expects us to have faith and exercise faith. He even rebuked his disciples and other for not using faith in times of trouble. Times when we think Jesus should sympathize with people, he rebukes them for their lack of faith!

The truth is, real faith is incredibly powerful. Once when Jesus was speaking to a father who was pleading with Him to heal his demented son, and who had cried to Him “..if you can do anything have pity on us ..” Jesus responds like this:

Jesus said to him, "'If I can?' All things are possible to him who believes." (Mark 9)

All things are possible to us.