Karina's Story

*This believer has asked us to without a photograph from her testimony. 

My name is Karina. I’ve been attending ICC and Celebrate Recovery for almost 9 months. I was invited by my sister and her spouse, and ever since I stepped through those doors, I have not stopped attending. I immediately knew that God was calling me to ICC and to become a part of Celebrate Recovery. 

When I first came to ICC, I was at a point in life where I found no reason for living. I felt worthless. I felt that my family was better off without me. I described myself as a bad mother, daughter, and employee. I was always angry, always depressed and acted selfishly. My highest priority in life was to work to earn money so I could get high on drugs. I would say to myself, “I’m a single parent, and I am always working so I deserve to have fun.” But no matter how many drugs I did, it was never enough. I had an emptiness that no one could fill. I would stop doing drugs for a couple of months, and then go back to them even harder.

On the second week of attending CR, I surrendered and gave my life to Christ. Since then, my awesome God has changed my life. He opened my blind eyes and deaf ears. I can truly say His truth has set me free. When I realized how much and how deeply He loved me, even knowing every single action, thought, and secret in my life, I was in awe. What words could describe it? I don’t know anyone else that would love me that much; My Father is the only one who saw past all of my failures and saw me.

Now I am alive, overjoyed, and fulfilled by His love. He has restored my relationship with my family. He teaches me every day how to be a godly, more loving, and patient mother. He showed me how to love my neighbor. He took away my addictions and replaced them with a desire to seek him.

As I grow in my relationship with Christ, my goal is to share what has been given to me. Giving my time, sharing my testimony to CR, and telling single mothers that we have the perfect Husband and Father for our kids. I want to show my faith by deeds and not just words. I give all the honor and glory to God. I am in love with Jesus Christ. He is amazing, wonderful, beautiful, merciful, and perfect.