Stories of Courage

In 1995 I was privileged to help start the first bible school in Serbia. The time was post cold war with the soviets, and horrible atrocities were going on. There I met a missionary woman from France. She and her husband moved to the region many years before to share Jesus Christ and serve the people. While they was there, the Soviets had arrested her husband and taken her children from her. Yet she stayed faithful to her calling, doing the Lord’s work.  I stood humbled in her presence.  She had courage.

Dr. Livingston, the great missionary physician, spent his life serving the people of central Africa. Along with preaching the gospel to animists and establishing clinics, he also mapped the vast region of rivers and lakes and discovered Victoria Falls. What most people don’t know is that a lion mauled him in first year of his ministry. He spent the remainder of his life with the use of only one arm. He had courage.

Our culture does not know the difference between heroes and celebrities. One is Madonna, the other is Mother Teresa; One is Dr. Livingstone, the other is Brad Pitt.

I know, I know, not everyone is missionary! Not everyone does great exploits that will be written about after they die. Still, I see others with courage that grabs my heart.  A single mom in our church with 5 kids whose husband went to prison for sexually abusing them.  She comes to church and instead of being totally self-absorbed with self-pity and bitterness, she opens up a small group for young single moms and begins to minister to their needs.  She is not only facing the challenges of her own family needs (physical and emotional), but she has the guts to put it on the line for another broken hearted mom.  She has courage.

Who are the people of courage in your life?