The Purpose of the Church

We have talked about how precious the Church is to God, and how valuable it is unto the Lord. We also talked about how empowered the Church is because of the greatness of God's grace.

But what is its purpose? The Church of Jesus Christ is here on earth to do His work and only the Church can do what must be done. Government projects can help people with food and jobs,  but they can not change a heart. The government may be able to help someone get a house, but they can't usher love, acceptance, and forgiveness into a families heart. Only the love and grace of Jesus Christ can do that. Only Christ can turn hatred into love, bitterness into forgiveness and reconciliation. And Jesus does this by using his team, his bride, his Church, as the tool to mend the broken hearts. Only the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ can do that, and the Church is His primary tool.

An economy can provide badly needed jobs. Education can teach useful knowledge about life and the world. Psychological techniques can aid self understanding people and thoughts, but nothing can change the human heart EXCEPT the love of Jesus Christ..The only power that can do that is the love of Jesus Christ – the gospel, the good news.  It can conquer sin, and shame, and heal wounds.  It can reconcile enemies, heal broken hearts.  The only institution on the earth who has been given this message  that transforms  hearts is the Church.  

What an honor to be a part of His heirs. I challenge you, as a part of the Church body, to find someone who needs the mercy and love of Jesus. Be His extended hands in your community.