Having Christ, We Possess All Things

ROM 8:16  The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God,17  and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him.

When a timid old lady approached the first desk in an Insurance Office in Minneapolis, she was asked what she wanted. With trembling hand, she took from her well-worn purse an old policy and explained regretfully that she was unable to meet the current premium. She explained that it was hard for her to get work and what little she did get was hardly enough to clothe, feed her and keep a roof over her head.

After quick investigation, the clerk recognized that the policy was very valuable. He warned the old lady that she was making an unwise move to stop payment. Didn't her husband have anything to say? It was his policy made out to her benefit, he explained. “My husband? Oh, he has been dead for three years,” she remarked sadly.

Immediately the company officials went into action. They soon discovered that she was indeed telling the truth. What she didn’t understand was that the policy was her husband’s and that she was the beneficiary at his death. They were thus obligated to refund the overpaid premiums plus the full amount for which the husband had insured his life in her favor. The money was sufficient to keep her in comfort the rest of her life.

We, the church, are God’s heirs. The church should not be seen as a poor thing in desperate need of the assets of the world.  The Church is not the beggar, the Church is the giver! That is why the Apostle Paul could say, "having nothing, I posses all things” He has made us His heir so we can do what he did.  God even says the wealth of the nations will be given to His people so that they may establish His covenant.